What's in a name?

A lot of people ask… “Where does the name ‘Albert Grace’ comes from?”

The story goes, Malay wanted to have a name which conveys honesty and thankfulness for all the people whom we meet and the company we would do business with in the future. Grace is also a word that say ‘thanks’ and being grateful to the universal spiritual energy that guides us. Thanks to all the people with whom we do business and serve to make ends meet, like trying to cover all one’s needs in difficult times. Grace is also for bring honor or credit to (someone or something) by one’s attendance or participation. From what he had heard and seen, the estate agent industry, didn’t have the best reputation in the market. He wanted to as far away from that and give a positive image and service though handwork and honesty.

The word ‘Albert’ was chosen at random. One day when Malay was speaking to one of his close friend on phone and discussing different names for the company, his friend said ‘I always liked the name Albert’. So it happened that Malay was one road called ‘Albert Road’ in London! There was no way for this friend to have known he was there. So Malay took it as a sign of destiny and also made is friend very happy. Thus the name stuck ‘ Albert Grace’.

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