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Serve Clients Needs and Plan for their future

Welcome To Albert Grace Property Management

The company was founded by the current managing director Mr Malay Shah in 2004. Malay comes from a very interesting background. From growing up in the horn of Africa then to university in Florida via scholarship, his range of experience and entrepreneurship is quite broad. He did biochemistry and business administration. But when migrated to UK he started out working as an estate agent.

Company Mission: We don’t have any fancy or bold statement for our mission statement.  It’s a very simple premises Serve Clients Needs and Plan for the future.

In a very crowded Estate Agents and Letting Agents in Harrow, Brent Ealing and Hillingdon Albert Grace Estate and Management stand apart.

Property LET OUT within 2 weeks 90%

The Albert Grace difference directly relates to our basic emphases on accountability, transparency, fairness and collaboration. Our team manages to let out any new instructions for a fair market price with view of having a stable tenancy for the landlords and tenants alike.

Delivering rent on time 95%

Achieving the highest price is not always in the best interest of long term stability. We simply don’t let out the property to the highest bidder. Letting is different in that sense that price is important but not the paramount criteria in finding a credible tenant who will pay on time and take care of the property.

Random property inspections 85%

All properties that we manage or let out, we  visit and conduct random property inspections 85%. This is good for both the tenants and the landlords. Tenants feels that someone actually cares about them and they are just not a number for Albert Grace Estates. Tenant’s welfare is very important us. As a happy tenant, takes care of the property, has good communications with the agents and landlords. Which in turn keeps that landlords happy.

So our simple belief to serve is actually base on the following thoughts:

  • Cooperating proactively with other agents and always placing our client’s interests above all.
  • Showing respect and support to our clients and colleagues.
  • Honoring our commitments
  • Personifying and upholding the human spirit
  • Creating tangible benefits for our clients, colleagues and community
  • Resolving conflicts quickly, positively and effectively
  • Taking personal responsibility for achieving my own potential
  • Excelling in my market area and specialty within the firm
  • Focusing on the positive and the possible
  • Nurturing my career while valuing the importance of family, health and community.