When you are selling your home in the UK there are many important steps that you need to consider. Whether you are a first time buyer or are part of a buyer chain, there is a thorough process to go through before you complete the sale of your property.

Do your research

Before you put your home on the market it is important to do your research first. By researching the sale process, estate agents, and market prices in your area, you will be better prepared when you come to sell your home. In the UK, selling your home can take a couple of months to organise but may take much longer. Unexpected costs, delays, or issues in the buyer chain could impact your house sale.

When selling your home, it is useful to seek out an estate agent to help you with your house sale. From putting your house on the market to receiving offers from potential buyers, estate agents can make the process of selling your home much easier.

Prepare your paperwork

Before you contact an estate agent, it is very useful to prepare your paperwork beforehand. Estate agents may need a variety of documents and details from you, so having everything already prepared can help speed the process up. Proof of identity and property title deeds are just some documents that they will need.

One essential document that you need when selling your home in the UK is an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) for your property. This certificate is needed to provide potential buyers with information on your home’s energy use and energy costs. To sell your home, an EPC is required by law and is needed for future buyers of your property before you put your home on the market.

Prepare your home

Another important step in selling your home in the UK is preparing your home for viewings from potential buyers. Keeping your home in a good condition could also help estate agents in their valuation decisions.

Make sure to declutter your home beforehand to ensure that your home is in a good presentable condition. This is an important step to follow as the state of your home could determine whether or not an offer is made on it by a potential buyer.

Putting your home on the market

An important step in any house sale is determining your asking price for the property that you are putting on the housing market. Start by conducting some research into other house prices that are in your area. Receiving help from an estate agent can help you determine which is the best asking price for your home.


Once your house is on the market then buyers can put an offer in for your property. If an estate agent is helping you sell your home then all offers should be made through them.

When selling your house in the UK, no offer is legally binding until contracts have been exchanged between the buyer and the seller. It is also important to consider what happens next if your asking price is not met or you have received no offers at all.

Completing your house sale

After an offer has been agreed upon by the buyer and the seller then the next step is exchanging contracts. It is up to the seller to draw up a legal contract that outlines all of the important information about the property being sold. For example, a housing contract would contain details about the sale price, planning restrictions, and property boundaries etc.

Once money has been transferred and contracts have been signed, then you can hand over your keys to the new owner of your house.


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