Full Management

We believe the days of let only services provided by letting agents are numbered. Let only service is, what we at Albert Grace Property Management (AGPM), think of as just half the service. Signing of a tenancy is not the end of letting process, but just the beginning of it!

Think about it, you have mortgage of on average 25 years. How many change overs of tenancy do you want? More likely the answer to that question is never or as little as possible. Because every change over between tenancy cost a owner/landlord void period, maintenance works, upgrades, fresh certifications, new painting, carpeted and the list goes on and on.

Recent statistic showed that the average length of tenancy is 2.3 times longer for a letting/rental property management by a professions management agents, versus a self managing landlords.

Our own statistics for this shows that we have an average of just under 32 months for an average continuous occupation of tenancy with our management service. Our longest continuously renaming tenant is at present in 2013 over 8.2 months.

Maintenance & Repairs

In the event that Maintenance or repairs are required we’ll inform you and either give you the opportunity to undertake the work yourself or via your own contractors, or via our own tried and tested contractors. Strict accreditation checks are carried out on all trades people and contractors who are deployed by Albert Grace Property Management, who have to carry all current and relevant certifications and professional indemnity cover for your protection.

We also work uniquely with your own tradesman, liaising between them yourself and the tenant to get the job done. Our emphasis is on cost-cutting and reducing initial outlay costs in the long term and make the best of what we have.

Tenants stay longer in a property with a full managed service
Usually managing agents can deal with a maintenance issues much faster and more cost effective then a landlord by themselves
Bottom line is landlords save a lot of time, energy and money (and sometimes sanity)

Are you wasting time on managing your tenants?

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